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We believe brands can be cool as long as they never, ever try to be cool. They should have a point of view if they join a conversation. We expect a lot from the brands we work with because we expect a lot from ourselves.

Through diverse thinking, candid conversations, and an obsession with making each other better, we make work people love.

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55 Water St,
5th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201




120 SE Clay St.,
Suite 100
Portland, OR 97214




10900 Wilshire Blvd,
Suite 1200
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7th Floor, Aldwych House,
71-91 Aldwych
London, WC2B 4HN


Our Leadership

Jordan Fox Jordan Fox

Jordan Fox


As Head of Laundry Service, I work with our teams to create an environment that prioritizes diverse thought, collaboration and growth. I also oversee Cycle, our sibling company focused on influencer marketing and branded content. I partner closely with our clients to ensure we’re consistently delivering meaningful, impactful work.

Since joining LS+Cycle four years ago, I’ve had the opportunity to guide the business through incredible growth and change, helping it evolve from industry upstart to global, award-winning agency.

On my Twitter you’ll find sober retweets about mobile platform paradigms. On Instagram you’ll meet my exceptionally photogenic wife, kids and French Bulldog, all of whose content consistently outperforms mine.

Mike Mikho Mike Mikho

Mike Mikho


Hi there, I’m the CMO at Laundry Service and our sister company, Cycle. I oversee new business and growth, making sure we partner with brands who want to do great work and build meaningful relationships. I’ve been here since 2014, helping us grow from a small, single-office shop to an award-winning, global, full-service agency.

I love what I do. Working in new business requires constant progression and evolution, and I’m fortunate to have amazing coworkers who are always pushing the boundaries of strategy, creative and media.

Before joining Laundry Service, I oversaw new business and client partnerships at global agencies within IPG, WPP, and Publicis. I was born in Iraq, grew up in Michigan and am a fiercely loyal Wolverine. Go Blue!

Amy Hellickson Amy Hellickson

Amy Hellickson


As Managing Director, you’ll often find me jetting between Portland, LA, London and NYC, working with our clients and account teams. I’m committed to helping our clients achieve their needs with an authentic creative and smart strategy. When I’m not working you can find me hanging out with my dog Chino.

Danny Nunez Danny Nunez

Danny Nunez

Executive Creative Director

I’m a husband, dad, athlete, Sopranos enthusiast and Executive Creative Director here at Laundry Service. Before returning to the agency world, I was client side with roles at Nike and Jordan Brand, where I was also a Laundry Service client :grimacing:.

I’m passionate about pushing boundaries and bringing non-traditional, creative thinking into corporate settings. My experience spans across Sports, Spirits, Fashion, Beer, Auto, QSR, CPG and more.

I’m committed to thoughtfully challenging my team and our client partners to find the best ways to solve problems, create meaningful conversations within culture, and foster a diverse, inclusive and collaborative culture.

Shayna Pilnick Shayna Pilnick

Shayna Pilnick

VP, Client Services & Operations

Ah, you picked me… thanks! I’m the VP of Client Services & Operations at LS and have been with the team ever since we started the business. At LS, I oversee all-star account teams and ensure that we’re always meeting our clients’ business objectives.

From social media and traditional marketing to PR programs and event management, I’ve spent years exploring how the culmination of these techniques impacts a business. I’ve enjoyed representing some of the world’s biggest brands like MasterCard and Stand Up To Cancer, as well as major entertainment properties like Madison Square Garden and the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration. Go big or go home, right?

On a personal note, I love nail polish, Christmas and Justin Timberlake… but not necessarily in that order. Follow me on Twitter for more.

Randi White Randi White

Randi White

VP of Client Services

Hello there! I’m the VP of Client Services in our NY office. I oversee a variety of iconic accounts, ranging from CPG to Sports. I focus on fostering lasting relationships with clients by understanding their business objectives and the industry as a whole, problem-solving, and being their strategic partner and advisor. However, none of this is possible without my team. I’m lucky enough to not only manage, but partner with some of the most talented people in my career.

I live by a couple of simple mottos to help groom and retain that talent: “Take care of your people, and your people will take of the work”, and Maya Angelou’s, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

When I’m not at work, I’m SHOPPING for my next pair of shoes (high-heels required), traveling the world or planning my next trip around the world, going to the Ballet or Opera, watching musicals, taking a walk in Central Park, and brunching with friends at some of the best vegan restaurants (or regular restaurants with vegan options, if I must… 🙂 ).

Blair Wheadon Blair Wheadon

Blair Wheadon

Director of Client Services

Hey there! Good choice to click my photo. I assume you want to read a funny story or witty line about marketing. I’m not going to give you that. BUT, I’ll give you 2 truths and a lie and you can hit me up on Twitter with your guesses.

I’ve been banned from Ebay
I have a dog named Chino
I have over 130 pairs of shoes

Born and raised in Oregon and I have been with LS for over 4 years and at Nike before that. I’m here to help with any and all of our client’s needs and oversee our account teams on the West Coast.

Always online and always down to talk sports. Don’t be shy.

Bob Brown Bob Brown

Bob Brown


Hi! As VP of Production, I’m responsible for all aspects of content production for Laundry Service and our sister company, Cycle. Since joining in 2017, I’ve had the unique pleasure to work with a team of outstanding production professionals to develop content for some of the greatest brands in the world. Seeing these incredible creative concepts come to life is what drives us every day!

Prior to Laundry Service, I spent much of my career in production and operations at Madison Square Garden Networks. I also helped launch an international sports network and consulted for various media companies and digital publishers.

In my downtime you can usually find me in a hockey rink somewhere in the northeast watching my son play, or on the soccer sidelines coaching my two girls.

Negar Shekarchi Negar Shekarchi

Negar Shekarchi


Oh hi!! Negar here. My motto you ask? When given an opportunity, deliver excellence and never quit.

I’m a 15-year veteran of making magic with experience across the content spectrum from commercials and documentaries to a variety of television formats including reality, scripted, and food competition shows. I now oversee production on the West Coast for Laundry Service and our sister company, Cycle.

Nick Sheingold Nick Sheingold

Nick Sheingold


Fun fact: During my six years at Laundry Service, I’ve worked in seven different offices across two cities. That might sound crazy, but it speaks to the immense growth we’ve seen during my time here. Which leads directly to the first question most people ask me: how have you stuck around for so long? The answer is easy: first, no two years have been alike during my time here. Second, we’ve always been committed to finding new ways to approach what we do in a fast-changing advertising landscape.

For that reason, Laundry Service has been a perfect match for some of my greatest passions: technology, creativity and human behavior. The cross-section of these allow me to create innovative connections between consumers and brands, and use strategic insights to unlock new ways to make people care. As someone who was creating things and putting them on the internet for people to enjoy long before I got paid to do it, I’m reminded every day of how lucky I am to do what I do and work with amazing people and brands.

Anar Shah Anar Shah

Anar Shah


Most people are surprised to learn that I am an engineer with an MBA and a background in programming and retail management. Since being exposed to agency life, I truly enjoy paid media especially here @247LS – the fire, the passion, and the madness (there’s simply no match). I am thrilled to live and breathe it every day especially seeing how we can be strategic in distributing our work across placements.

When not at work, I am a foodie and a travel addict—always working on planning that next great adventure. My husband and I met 10 years ago while volunteering for a charity, and since then supporting causes has continued to be an important part of our lives. We currently support children’s education in Africa and India, a shelter for refugees, and disaster and humanitarian relief.

Dana- Rae LeBird Dana- Rae LeBird

Dana- Rae LeBird

Director, Human Resources

Hi! I’m Dana-Rae Lebird (DR for short), and I’m the Director of HR here at Laundry Service and Cycle.  My experience has been forged in Fashion and Marketing/Advertising. As a culture-driven HR practitioner, I strive to contribute to an office culture that ensures employees learn and build confidence, so we can ultimately provide the best service to clients. I’m very excited to be a part of this talent team; we care about the development of the business as well as the people. Our values and vision reflect that.

When I’m not at work, you’re just as likely to catch me at Midtown Comics as you would be to see me at Nordstrom. I’m a music lover, a self-proclaimed nerd, a fashionista and the creator of “Dana-Raeism.” I love to travel and will one day cut my nails and go back to playing my electric guitar. If you’ve made it this far, thanks for taking the time to get to know a little about me 🙂

Bea Iturregui Bea Iturregui

Bea Iturregui


I lead the brand partnerships team at Cycle, an influencer marketing and branded content company. Our team partners with the most relevant people in culture to make our client’s dreams a reality. Seeing campaigns come to life is what makes my job so rewarding. 

When I’m not online, you can find me planning my next travel adventure or assembling a fancy cheese board.

Corey Smock Corey Smock

Corey Smock


I lead the new business teams at Cycle, an influencer marketing and branded content company. Our team is a group of forward-thinkers, relationship-builders and multitaskers. I’m passionate about the digital marketing space and helping brands partner  with talent in new ways that help drive business results.

Outside of work you’ll find me adjusting to life as a new dad or planning a visit to a new MLB ballpark (20 down, 10 to go!)