Meet our leadership.

  • Jordan Fox | Head of Laundry Service + Cycle

    Jordan Fox

    Head of Laundry Service + Cycle

    As Head of Laundry Service and Cycle, I work with our teams to create an environment that prioritizes diverse thought, collaboration and growth. I partner closely with our clients to ensure we’re consistently delivering meaningful, impactful work.

    Since joining LS+Cycle in 2016, I’ve had the opportunity to guide the business through incredible growth and change, helping it evolve from industry upstart to global, award-winning agency.

    On my Twitter you’ll find sober retweets about mobile platform paradigms. On Instagram, you’ll meet my exceptionally photogenic wife, son and French Bulldog, all of whose content consistently outperforms mine.

  • Mike Mikho | Chief Marketing Officer

    Mike Mikho

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Hi there, I’m the CMO at Laundry Service and our sister company, Cycle. I oversee new business and growth, making sure we partner with brands who want to do great work and build meaningful relationships. I’ve been here since 2014, helping us grow from a small, single-office shop to an award winning, global, full service agency.

    I love what I do. Working in new business requires constant progression and evolution, and I’m fortunate to have amazing coworkers who are always pushing the boundaries of strategy, creative and media.

    Before joining Laundry Service, I oversaw new business and client partnerships at global agencies within IPG, WPP and Publicis. I was born in Iraq, grew up in Michigan and am a fiercely loyal Wolverine. Go Blue!

  • Amy Hellickson | Managing Director

    Amy Hellickson

    Managing Director

    As Managing Director, you’ll often find me jetting between Portland, Seattle, SF, LA, London and NYC, working with our clients and account teams. I’m committed to helping our clients achieve their needs with authentic creative and smart strategy. When I’m not working you can find me hanging out with my dog Chino.

  • Danny Nunez | Group Creative Director

    Danny Nunez

    Group Creative Director

    Something good is never easy.
    Something easy is never good.

  • Bea Iturregui | VP, Brand Partnerships

    Bea Iturregui

    VP, Brand Partnerships

    Hi! I’m Bea (pronounced like bee emoji) and I’m the VP of Brand Partnerships here at Cycle. I oversee all of our influencer and branded content campaigns, which means I work with talented photographers, social personalities, and athletes in order to create and capture beautiful content for brands around the world. Seeing campaigns come to life is what makes my job so rewarding.

    I’ll never say no to coffee ice cream, pride myself on my carefully curated playlists, would usually rather be watching Bravo, and am always ready for a game night (warning: I get pretty competitive). I’m on a constant search for the best culinary gems in the city, but my Saturdays always belong to college football. See it all for yourself by following me.

  • Wendy Phillips | SVP, Legal

    Wendy Phillips

    SVP, Legal

    Hi! I’m the SVP, Legal for Laundry Service. I advise our teams on a wide range of legal issues ranging from contractual matters to compliance issues to you name it!! In my former life, I worked in big law for many years at both Davis Polk and Fulbright. I have an AB from Princeton and a JD from Yale.

    Outside of work I enjoy live music (including my own at times), travel and the never-ending search for the best brunch spot in Brooklyn. When in doubt, my motto is WWBD (what would Beyoncé do)….following it has never steered me wrong.

  • Nick Sheingold | Director of Strategy

    Nick Sheingold

    Director of Strategy

    First thing’s first: I’m a born and raised New Yorker who ended up in Portland. How on earth did that even happen? Up until a few years ago, I’m not totally sure I could even point to Oregon on a map. But in 2014, I headed to PDX and became one of Laundry Service’s first west coast employees.

    Like everyone at LS, I sleep, eat and breathe social, with an endless commitment to creating content that puts the user experience first. Authentic to the user. Authentic to the platform.

    What gets me out of bed every morning is the fact that social media changes by the minute. I couldn’t ask for anything more than a career that challenges me to learn new things every single day.

  • Anar Shah | Director of Paid Media

    Anar Shah

    Director of Paid Media

    Most people are surprised to learn that I am an engineer with an MBA and a background in programming and retail management. Since being exposed to agency life, I truly enjoy paid media especially here @247LS – the fire, the passion, and the madness (there’s simply no match). I am thrilled to live and breathe it every day especially seeing how we can be strategic in distributing our work across placements.

    When not at work, I am a foodie and a travel addict—always working on planning that next great adventure. My husband and I met 10 years ago while volunteering for a charity, and since then supporting causes has continued to be an important part of our lives. We currently support children’s education in Africa and India, shelter for refugees, and disaster and humanitarian relief.

  • Shayna Pilnick | VP, Client Services & Operations

    Shayna Pilnick

    VP, Client Services & Operations

    Ah, you picked me… thanks! I’m the VP of Client Services & Operations at LS and have been with the team ever since I realized social media management was my missed calling. At LS, I oversee our all-star account teams and ensure that we’re always meeting our clients’ business objectives.

    From social media and marketing to PR programs and event management, I’ve spent years exploring how the culmination of these techniques impacts a business. I’ve enjoyed representing some of the world’s biggest brands like MasterCard and Stand Up To Cancer, as well as major entertainment properties like Madison Square Garden and the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration. Go big or go home, right?

    On a personal note, I love nail polish, Christmas and Justin Timberlake… but not necessarily in that order. Follow me on Twitter at @ShaynaPilnick for more.

  • Randi White | VP of Client Services

    Randi White

    VP of Client Services

    Hello there! I’m the VP of Client Services in our NY office. I oversee a variety of iconic accounts, ranging from CPG to Sports to Beer. I focus on fostering lasting relationships with clients by understanding their business objectives and the industry as a whole, problem-solving, and being their strategic partner and advisor. However, none of this is possible without my team. I’m lucky enough to not only manage, but partner with some of the most talented people in my career. And, I live by a couple of simple mottos to help groom and retain that talent: “Take care of your people, and your people will take of the work”, and Maya Angelou’s, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

    When I’m not at work, I’m SHOPPING for my next pair of shoes (high-heels required), traveling the world or planning my next trip around the world, going to the Ballet or Opera, watching musicals, taking a walk in Central Park, and brunching with friends at some of the best vegan restaurants (or regular restaurants with vegan options, if I must… 🙂 ).

  • Blair Wheadon | Director of Client Services

    Blair Wheadon

    Director of Client Services

    Hey there! Good choice to click my photo. I assume you want to read a funny story or witty line about marketing. I’m not going to give you that. BUT, I’ll give you 2 truths and a lie and you can hit me up on Twitter with your guesses.

    I’ve been banned from Ebay
    I have a dog named Chino
    I have over 130 pairs of shoes

    Born and raised in Oregon and I have been with LS for over 4 years and at Nike before that. I’m here to help with any and all of our client’s needs and oversee our account teams on the West Coast.

    Always online and always down to talk sports. Don’t be shy.

    IG @air_blair
    Twitter @airblair21

  • Corey Smock | Director of Partnerships

    Corey Smock

    Director of Partnerships

    Hi! I’m Corey from Partnerships. Our team is a group of utility players carefully juggling new business, strategy, client services, and client onboarding. You can usually find us on the phone or writing emails while walking.

    Personally, I love the digital media industry and am passionate about the amazing work that happens every day at Laundry Service. Outside of work, I love sports, making cocktails and rollerblading in Prospect Park. I have a beagle/lab mix named Brioche who occupies the most of my time and also permanent real estate in my bed.

    Random Fact: I’ve been to 16 MLB ballparks.

    Find me on Twitter or Instagram!

  • Sean Brown | Senior Marketing Director

    Sean Brown

    Senior Marketing Director

    What’s up? I’m the Senior Marketing Director for Laundry Service, which means I create new business opportunities and lead our agency work with some really exciting clients. Daily I’m spearheading brand direction, content development strategy and managing relationships for the great brands we work with.

    In addition, I connect the dots for talent partnerships specifically for sports and entertainment business providing unique insight to create authentic marketing executions coast to coast.

    When I’m not reading emails or on Instagram you can find me watching way too much NBA, rooting for my hometown Pittsburgh Steelers, figuring out which sneakers to wear and hanging out with my awesome daughter Noelle.

    Talk to me.

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