Meet our leadership.

  • Jordan Fox | COO

    Jordan Fox


    I’m Chief Operating Officer at Laundry Service, where I spend my time overseeing corporate strategy, finance, and day-to-day operations across our core businesses. Since joining LS I’ve had the opportunity to guide the agency through incredible growth and change, helping it evolve from industry upstart into the media & marketing leader it is today.

    After graduating from Harvard I honed my finance & ops skills at Goldman Sachs, HBO, UBS and others. On my Twitter you’ll find sober retweets about mobile platform paradigms; on Instagram, you’ll meet my exceptionally photogenic wife, son and French Bulldog, all of whose content consistently outperforms mine.

  • Amy Hellickson | Managing Director

    Amy Hellickson

    Managing Director

    As Managing Director, you’ll often find me jetting between Portland, Seattle, SF, LA, London and NYC, working with our clients and account teams. I’m committed to helping our clients achieve their needs with authentic creative and smart strategy. When I’m not working you can find me hanging out with my dog Chino.

  • Mike Mikho | CMO

    Mike Mikho


    Three agency team members are in the office working late on a pitch, due the next day. A genie shows up to grant each of them a wish. The copywriter wishes to become a famous author – the genie makes it so and sends her on the road for book signings. The Art Director wants to paint a masterpiece – the genie makes it so and sends him to the Louvre. The new business lead looks the genie right in the eye and says “get those two back here right now.”

    That’s me in a nutshell, provided wishing for more wishes isn’t an option. I lead all marketing and new business at Laundry Service and Cycle, helping us grow our offering to brands all over the world. It’s my honor to represent the amazing talent we have under our roof.

    I love basketball, food and anything related to the University of Michigan…yeah, I’m that guy, every company has at least one.

  • Wendy Phillips | SVP, Legal

    Wendy Phillips

    SVP, Legal

    Hi! I’m the SVP, Legal for Laundry Service. I advise our teams on a wide range of legal issues ranging from contractual matters to compliance issues to you name it!! In my former life, I worked in big law for many years at both Davis Polk and Fulbright. I have an AB from Princeton and a JD from Yale.

    Outside of work I enjoy live music (including my own at times), travel and the never-ending search for the best brunch spot in Brooklyn. When in doubt, my motto is WWBD (what would Beyoncé do)….following it has never steered me wrong.

  • Danny Nunez | Group Creative Director

    Danny Nunez

    Group Creative Director

    Something good is never easy.
    Something easy is never good.

  • Tarirai Chivore | VP, Analytics

    Tarirai Chivore

    VP, Analytics

    At Laundry Service, we eat data 24/7. As Laundry Service’s VP of Analytics, I lead the way in confronting the challenges facing the data landscape, working to standardize reporting and to maintain a reliable data infrastructure across the agency. In doing so, I ensure that our analysts are constantly generating insights to inform strategy, and identifying data sources to steer a data-driven process. In addition to managing the reporting process, I manage client/agency-wide platform evaluations, market research, and the LS Academy, Laundry Service’s knowledge sharing center.

    Despite the uncertainties that come with the constantly shifting media landscape, I thrive when venturing into uncharted territory. After graduating from Columbia, I made my start managing day-to-day social media operations at The Economist, covering events such as the Arab Spring and the 2012 US Presidential election. Since then, I’ve developed/managed analytics and strategy for iconic brands such as T-Mobile, Samsung, J.P. Morgan Chase, and HBO.

    A few interesting things about me: I’m a runner and I’m training for the Ironman 70.3. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. I’m a leftie, and I love post-apocalyptic sci-fi movies.

  • Bea Iturregui | VP, Brand Partnerships

    Bea Iturregui

    VP, Brand Partnerships

    Hi! I’m Bea (pronounced like bee emoji) and I’m the VP of Brand Partnerships here at Cycle. I oversee all of our influencer and branded content campaigns, which means I work with talented photographers, social personalities, and athletes in order to create and capture beautiful content for brands around the world. Seeing campaigns come to life is what makes my job so rewarding.

    I’ll never say no to coffee ice cream, pride myself on my carefully curated playlists, would usually rather be watching Bravo, and am always ready for a game night (warning: I get pretty competitive). I’m on a constant search for the best culinary gems in the city, but my Saturdays always belong to college football. See it all for yourself by following me.

  • Sean Brown | Senior Marketing Director

    Sean Brown

    Senior Marketing Director

    What’s up? I’m the Senior Marketing Director for Laundry Service, which means I create new business opportunities and lead our agency work with some really exciting clients. Daily I’m spearheading brand direction, content development strategy and managing relationships for the great brands we work with.

    In addition, I connect the dots for talent partnerships specifically for sports and entertainment business providing unique insight to create authentic marketing executions coast to coast.

    When I’m not reading emails or on Instagram you can find me watching way too much NBA, rooting for my hometown Pittsburgh Steelers, figuring out which sneakers to wear and hanging out with my awesome daughter Noelle.

    Talk to me.

  • Nick Sheingold | Director of Strategy

    Nick Sheingold

    Director of Strategy

    First thing’s first: I’m a born and raised New Yorker who ended up in Portland. How on earth did that even happen? Up until a few years ago, I’m not totally sure I could even point to Oregon on a map. But in 2014, I headed to PDX and became one of Laundry Service’s first west coast employees.

    Like everyone at LS, I sleep, eat and breathe social, with an endless commitment to creating content that puts the user experience first. Authentic to the user. Authentic to the platform.

    What gets me out of bed every morning is the fact that social media changes by the minute. I couldn’t ask for anything more than a career that challenges me to learn new things every single day.

  • Eric Martin Jr. | Account Director

    Eric Martin Jr.

    Account Director

    Bonjour! I’m your native New Yorker with dreams of living abroad. Here at LS, I’m an Account Director providing my expertise in brand marketing to one of the most iconic spirit brands in the world. Known by some as “the captain,” I have two degrees from Adelphi University: a B.A in Business and an M.B.A. in Marketing and Brand Management. Throughout my time in media, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing brands across fashion, sports, and entertainment.

    When home reading emails and checking Instagram, you’ll most likely find me in the kitchen preparing a masterpiece for my fiancée and son. If it weren’t for my interest in making brands cool again, I’d pursue a career in culinary arts with aspirations to one day own a restaurant in SoHo. I am also a dedicated Giants and Knicks fan…so if you want to talk sports come prepared!!

    Khaled has keys, I drop gems. Dedicated to success; no excuses. -Eric Martin II

  • Will Ulbricht | Executive Creative Director

    Will Ulbricht

    Executive Creative Director

    Hey there, nice to meet you. As the Executive Creative Director in the LS Portland office, I oversee our group of incredibly talented content creators as well as a few bearded misfits. It’s my job to fulfill the LS mission of inspiring through culture and making amazing shit for our clients here in Portland.

    Before LS I worked in both traditional and digital agencies where I learned the value of telling great stories across nearly every conceivable media.

    I’m a Northwest native, so whenever possible I try to take advantage of all that this corner of the world has to offer. When I’m not at work, I enjoy camping, hiking, snowboarding, and raising my 2 kids and 12 chickens with my wonderful wife.

  • Renee Szostak | Account Director

    Renee Szostak

    Account Director

    Greetings from the Best Coast! I’m the Account Director for FOX Broadcasting in our LA office. I oversee a team of 14 badass people who keep social running smoothly for 30+ primetime shows and specials. We push out 200+ pieces of content weekly, making sure we have a good answer to “Why does this matter?” before anything is published. I’m also known as the resident Grammar Guru and love puns — if you do too, ewe and I will get along well. ewe emoji

    With seven years of experience in social and PR, I’ve gotten to dabble in many different verticals, including brands like Stoli, General Motors, Alaska Airlines, and American Express, to name a few. I also spent a couple of years working for a television host, making a handful of cameo appearances on a wedding reality show — keep your eyes peeled when watching reruns on WeTV. eyes emoji girl emoji TV emoji

    When I’m not chilling with my LS fam, I love being active (running, hiking, pilates, walking anywhere and everywhere, you name it), catching up with my huge midwest family (I’m the baby of seven!), appreciating the quirky offerings of Los Angeles (aerobics with Richard Simmons himself, anyone?) and devouring audio books.

  • Anar Shah | Director of Paid Media

    Anar Shah

    Director of Paid Media

    Most people are surprised to learn that I am an engineer with an MBA and a background in programming and retail management. Since being exposed to agency life, I truly enjoy paid media especially here @247LS – the fire, the passion, and the madness (there’s simply no match). I am thrilled to live and breathe it every day especially seeing how we can be strategic in distributing our work across placements.

    When not at work, I am a foodie and a travel addict—always working on planning that next great adventure. My husband and I met 10 years ago while volunteering for a charity, and since then supporting causes has continued to be an important part of our lives. We currently support children’s education in Africa and India, shelter for refugees, and disaster and humanitarian relief.

  • Corey Smock | Director of Partnerships

    Corey Smock

    Director of Partnerships

    Hi! I’m Corey from Partnerships. Our team is a group of utility players carefully juggling new business, strategy, client services, and client onboarding. You can usually find us on the phone or writing emails while walking.

    Personally, I love the digital media industry and am passionate about the amazing work that happens every day at Laundry Service. Outside of work, I love sports, making cocktails and rollerblading in Prospect Park. I have a beagle/lab mix named Brioche who occupies the most of my time and also permanent real estate in my bed.

    Random Fact: I’ve been to 16 MLB ballparks.

    Find me on Twitter or Instagram!

  • Mary French | Account Director

    Mary French

    Account Director

    YO. I’m one of the over-caffeinated Account Directors in the very talented and VERY attractive Portland office.

    My job at LS is to listen, solve problems, and ensure our clients are constantly dazzled by our amazing work and strategic insight. I have over 10 years of account management experience on brands like T-Mobile, Red Bull, Nike, Microsoft, Bacardi, MAC Cosmetics, and XBOX. I love this job because I get to partner with smart, interesting people who have the same passion for building strong brands and lasting relationships.

    When I’m not working away in the LS office, you can probably find me:

    • Watching TV
    • Meddling in my co-workers’ dating lives
    • Refreshing the Complex site to see if Drake and Rihanna are married yet
    • Cautiously trying to put ripped jeans on without putting my foot through the hole
  • Jenny Lam | Senior Director of Social Media Management

    Jenny Lam

    Senior Director of Social Media Management

    Hey there! I’m Jenny Lam and I’m the Senior Director of Community Management at LS. I’ve been in the social marketing field since, well, pretty much from the beginning. When I’m not at work you can find me searching high and low in LA for my next favorite eatery or funhouse. During football season I’ve been known to become a ravenous Rams fan and if you aren’t careful I’ll give ya the horns. Haha. Kidding… Last but certainly not least, I’m an aunt to two of the cutest kids around and if you’re lucky I might just show you the latest photos of them being adorable.