F45 F45


Brand Launch on Digital

F45 asked us to help reimagine the brand using the core ethos it was built on: “Team training; life changing.” We built a distinct identity that tapped into a truth at the intersection of the brand and consumer: people waste time and money at the gym. F45 maximizes your time.

We shaped the F45 brand strategy around functional fitness for life athletes. By establishing three differentiating pillars—superior product, efficiency and community—we were able to inform the brand’s visual identity and voice: F45 was for real people who want a workout that fits into their lifestyle.

To launch this POV, we built a campaign around the platform “No One Trains Alone” to capture their unique, community centered HIIT-style programs. The campaign was rolled out across social channels and utilized UGC to put real life athletes at the forefront of what differentiates the F45 experience.