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Discover Your Booksona

Amazon got its start as a bookseller, and it’s always done a great job at recommending books based on what was previously bought. But in 2022, Amazon Books had a new mission: to inspire and celebrate all types of readers, regardless of how long it’s been since someone purchased—or even picked up—a book.

We tapped into Gen Z and Millennials’ desire for self-discovery and developed Booksona—the first-of-its-kind interactive reading personality quiz. Within minutes, users discovered their unique Booksona and got personalized book recommendations. They could then purchase their recommended books directly from the quiz site and share their Booksona results to their favorite social platform. And they did!

We drove over 175K unique visitors to discover their Booksona in the first two weeks of the campaign launching, thanks to a playful social-first campaign featuring organic, paid and #BookTok creator content.

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