• Amazon

    Kindle Direct Publishing

    Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a fast, easy and free way for authors and publishers to keep control and publish their books worldwide on the Kindle and Kindle reading apps. We also represent CreateSpace (CS), an Amazon company that helps people independently publish & distribute books in physical formats.

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    By creating compelling content and experiences, the brands  showcase the utility and convenience of their independent publishing services, in their own unique voices. Our goal is to engage, educate and motivate the community of authors around the world. By helping them achieve independent publishing success through CS and KDP, we create personal, emotional connections with customers. In turn, these publishers become brand advocates.

    Using owned, paid and earned media, our social media program consistently connects with a wide but targeted audience throughout all phases of the customer journey: brand recognition and awareness; membership sign-up; writing encouragement and tips; publishing guidance; and marketing support.  This active and engaged social media audience also plays a large role in SEO. Websites that rank high in Google, Yahoo and Bing’s search engine algorithms almost always have significant engagement on social media channels.

    We love empowering Amazon’s communities of writers, and being a part of the fast-growing independent publishing movement.

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  • Rachel Roy

    The Jones Group

    Rachel Roy is a designer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and mother. Under parent company The Jones Group, the Rachel Roy brands inspire women to feel smart, confident and individual. Rachel has nearly 1 million followers across her social channels. Working across owned, earned and paid media, we help keep the RR audience highly engaged, while driving brand awareness, recognition, and a 10:1 return on ad spend!

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    For Rachel Roy, our ongoing international work includes creative campaigns, content creation, influencer programs, brand voice development, audience acquisition, direct response advertising, events, CRM, and more! If you love fashion, follow Rachel on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. You can also keep up with Rachel Roy through media coverage, as she is featured regularly in top outlets such Vogue, Elle, People, Harper’s Bazaar, New York Times, WWD, and many more!

    “We’ve been leveraging Facebook as an integral part of our marketing ecosystem because we have found our customers want to buy through that platform more than any other social channel. Facebook has done a lot for our brand: it’s allowed us to build loyal audiences and learn about them, provide customer service, receive product feedback, reach the right shoppers and drive positive ROI at a ratio of 10:1.

    – Amy Rapawy, svp of marketing, The Jones Group

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  • Hollywood Studios

    Disney, Universal, Paramount and more!

    In partnership with the Movie Loft, Laundry Service has created the Hollywood studios social platform for people that love watching movies On Demand and on iTunes. We’ve built one of the the most engaged communities of movie fans in the country, and manage $1M+ in annual ad spend across Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to support top Hollywood movie releases in the in-home window.  Our audience talks about and buys, rents and downloads the latest movies On Demand, iTunes, Amazon, Xbox and more!

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    Across the various social channels that we manage for Movie Loft, we generate 30 million monthly impressions and 30k monthly engagements. We also drive a lot of transactions on iTunes (shoot us an e-mail for more info). Working hand in hand with the Hollywood studios, we create content and seed it out to the people most likely to care about it — they comment, share, click and most all — buy.  Our customized content experiences viral lift, resulting in a lower cost per engagement, cost per impression and cost per link click than any other ad network!

    Movie Loft’s monthly partners include Disney, Relativity, Universal, The Weinstein Co., Fox, Lionsgate, and many indie studios. Click here to check out the Movie Loft on Facebook, and here to read a great piece on the Movie Loft that we secured in Digiday.

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  • RushCard

    Hip Hop Pioneer. Visionary. Business Mogul. Just a few descriptions that are synonymous with the success of Russell Simmons. His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to create opportunities for people of all walks of life.

    In 2003, Simmons launched RushCard to provide instant access to basic financial services for millions of Americans who cannot or choose not to establish a traditional banking relationship. He lives by his own set of rules, and RushCard users do too. It’s all about making your money move with you.

    We connect with RushCard users on the platforms they use for business and pleasure.  Whether we’re funneling customer service inquiries through the corporate team or offering users creative tips for tax season — our goal is to provide timely responses with a warm, relatable tone. We work in tandem with RushCard’s legal team and Bancorp to ensure that every message responsibly informs users to take actions that empower them and make their lives easier. By the end of month one, we’d resolved 96% of user questions and concerns, decreased RushCard’s call center volume and costs, and increased impressions by 95% and engagement by 119%!

    Our approach to content creation weaves seamlessly through owned, earned and paid media. We’ll highlight a  card launch feature and target new designs to everyone eligible for an upgrade, share behind-the-scenes organic images of Simmons signing copies of Success Through Stillness, post video clips of Kimora Lee Simmons, and more. We continuously disseminate engaging, informative, positive content that users need and want to consume.

    For tips on balancing your finances and balancing your life, follow RushCard on Facebook and Twitter!

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  • Essence

    essence is Europe’s top cosmetic brand for tweens, teens and millennials. They selected Laundry Service to help them launch in North America!

    As the official cosmetics sponsor of the Justin Bieber Believe Tour, essence  used social media to engage Bieber and beauty fans through always-on omni-channel experiences. Our converged media program included content creation, Twitter parties, Faceboook apps, a microsite with interactive video and user-generated content, sweepstakes and contests, events across the country, and social ads.

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    Over the four month campaign around the Justin Bieber Believer tour, we generated 263 million brand impressions (+1,000%), 82,615 brand expressions (Likes, Comments, Shares, etc), 400,000 unique website visitors per month (up 400%), 19,861 new Facebook fans, 12,650 new Twitter followers, 22,796 Facebook app entries, 19, 861 new e-mails, and 434 user-generated video submissions. Approximately 35% of all onsite activation attendees discovered the event via social media.

    You can follow essence on Facebook & Twitter for the latest updates on our program!

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  • Yosi Samra

    Born of a desire for style, comfort and convenience, Yosi Samra was the pioneer brand of the fold-up ballet flat movement. Having expanded to children’s ballet flats, flip flops, loafers, and handbags, the brand’s runway-inspired styles have been featured in Vogue, InStyle and Glamour magazines… and spotted on some of fashion’s most trend-setting celebrities, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Anne Hathaway, and Halle Berry.

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    Our work with Yosi Samra begins with data analysis and the development and implementation of an ever-evolving social media strategy. Our ideation and deployment of social creative coupled with real-time optimization of social advertising has proven to be an extremely fruitful e-commerce program.

    Our highly targeted, converged approach drives significant traffic to YosiSamra.com and generated sales at a 6% conversion rate, resulting in ROAS as high as 15:1 and never lower than 5:1 in a single month. If you heart #fashion and awesome #socialmedia, follow Yosi Samra on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest.

    Yosi Samra is currently available in over 1,000 boutiques across the U.S. and in 85 other countries, including 15 brand shops in Asia and The Middle East.

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    Home of the Harvey Milk School

    “Truly an amazing idea and an important message: Everyone deserves a little respect!” – Perez Hilton

    We teamed up with The Hetrick-Martin Institute, home of the Harvey Milk High School, to create an authentic, positive campaign and take a stand against bullying. To engage a passionate community of international supporters, we worked with UK pop group Erasure on the re-release of their hit song, A Little Respect. Proceeds from the track, video and merchandise were donated to HMI.

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    The video has tallied 1M+ views across the web, and the responses from internet community and press were overwhelmingly positive. Perez Hilton’s quote above summed it up best, and the thousands of Likes, shares and comments across the internet echoed his feelings.

    Between downloads of the song, streams and TV broadcasts of the music video, traffic to the HMI website, social sharing, merchandizing, and media coverage – the campaign received 45M+ media impressions. The video continues to be shared globally across the internet, and is played in packed arenas on Erasure’s international tour.


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  • Desigual

    Undie Party

    After taking Europe by storm, Desigual was ready to expand their presence into the U.S. Starting in NYC, Desigual collaborated with us on a campaign to create mass awareness and simultaneously promote an in-store event…

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    To make a splash, we knew we needed a unique activation: the first 100 people to arrive at the new Desigual store in Soho in only their underwear and bra would receive a free outfit worth up to $100. To promote this, we shot a video in the heart of Soho that featured a group of 30 “undie stars” racing 15 busy blocks toward the new Desigual store. The thousands of onlookers were encouraged to take photos and post them online, helping to create a buzz about the video, event and brand. The shoot took place one week prior to the grand opening event, so had to edit 4 hours of footage into 90 seconds in 48 hours.

    We distributed the video via targeted influencers and paid media, and it received 100,000+ views on YouTube in 24 hours. The shoot was written up on the front page of the Daily News, and featured on Gothamist and other top blogs. Total impressions in the week leading up to the Undie Party reached 15 million.

    The Undie Party event was a huge success, with several hundred people arriving in the middle of the night in their underwear before the store opened the next day. The Undie Party was extended by two additional days in order to accommodate the fervent demand of naked Desigual lovers.

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  • SpaFinder

    Gift Well

    SpaFinder was hoping to reach a new audience with engaging content, while also driving traffic to their website during the  holiday season. With that, the #GiftWell program was born. The essence of the campaign: don’t become the punchline of an “awkward gift” story – give the gift of wellness!

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    To anchor our converged media program, we first filmed a video series in which entertaining influencers talked about the worst gift they ever received. The videos were hosted on YouTube and lived on the campaign landing page at SpaFinder.com/giftwell. Then, to kick off the campaign, we facilitated a “Twitter Party” hosted by SpaFinder – everyone who participated in the hour-long Twitter chat using the hashtag #GiftWell was entered to win great SpaFinder gifts. Throughout the month, we helped SpaFinder tell a creative story on owned channels via original content, secured digital PR and influencer coverage, and leveraged  paid media  to amplify the reach of the campaign. The results over 30-day initiative were pretty compelling:

    - 50m impressions
    - 34k visits to SpaFinder.com/giftwell
    - Avg Pages Visited: 3.68  + Avg Time on Site: 2:31
    - During the one-hour Twitter party: 22MM Twitter impressions, 5,282 #GiftWell tweets from 1,600+ RSVPs
    - 81 new Twitter followers per day (800% increase over daily average)

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  • Van Wagner

    Van Wagner Communications is one of the largest and the most distinctive outdoor advertising companies in the United States.  In the best locations in the top ten markets coast to coast, Van Wagner controls many of the world’s most famous and spectacular signs, digital billboards, street furniture, bus wraps, and high-end displays in lifestyle centers.

    Founded in 1971, Van Wagner founder & CEO Richard Schaps got the idea to sell billboard advertising in Times Square while driving a cab in New York. Since then, Van Wagner has used that same entrepreneurial spirit to expand, creating distinctive branding opportunities for advertisers through the use of their blimps, aerial banners, experiential and sports marketing. Van Wagner Sports and Entertainment works with over 200 professional and NCAA teams, and other sports properties, offering in-game signage, naming rights, and design and consulting services in exciting sporting environments.

    Our relationship with Van Wagner stretches back several years, based on a strong history handling their earned media. Recently, we’ve placed them on Bloomberg TVWCBS’ CEO RadioForbesAdweek and ESPN.com. We’ve also brought them onto social media, where they are getting notice for the breathtaking views from their airships, shots of their massive billboards in Times Square, and their aerial banners over beaches, festivals and major sporting events. See for yourself and follow them on Facebook and Twitter

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