Team LS is 350 people.
Meet our leadership.

  • Jason Stein | Founder + CEO

    Jason Stein

    Founder + CEO

    What’s up? Thanks for visiting. Since starting Laundry Service, I’ve spent my days and nights immersed in media, developing social and digital programs. The landscape is evolving at hyper-speed and it’s thrilling to be on the front lines. We work hard to keep up and take pride in our work. Check me on Twitter for my real-time thoughts on the space, and my VC firm to see latest and greatest social media technology.

    Outside of work — there’s an outside of work? — I enjoy the NBA and an Internet addiction.

  • Alyson Warshaw | Chief Creative Officer

    Alyson Warshaw

    Chief Creative Officer

    Heyyyyy. I’m the Chief Creative Officer @247LS. I feel like I’ve been here since forever… but previously I worked at MTV, Nickelodeon and Nick@Nite. I spend my days (and nights) at LS helping our clients develop a visual voice that can be implemented consistently across all digital channels. This ensures that all of the content we create everyday looks awesome, unique and is in line with your brand. I have two degrees from NYU: a B.S. in Studio Art + Marketing and a M.S. in Digital Imaging. I love rom-coms, new restaurants, wine, home decor blogs and Pinterest. I am obsessed with my son, Mo. He has crazy hair – proof.

  • Mike Mikho | CMO

    Mike Mikho


    Three agency guys are working late on a pitch when a genie shows up to grant each of them a wish. The copywriter wishes to become a famous author, so the genie sends him on the road for book signings. The Art Director wants to paint a masterpiece, so the genie sends him to the Louvre. The new business lead looks the genie right in the eye and says “get me those two assholes back here right now.”

    That’s me in a nutshell, provided wishing for more wishes isn’t an option. I lead all marketing and new business at Laundry Service, and it’s my never-ending honor to represent the talent we have under our roof. I joined LS after runs at just about all the major agency holding companies, jumping at the opportunity to put politics and bureaucracy aside for the sake of amazing work and ecstatic clients.

    I love basketball, food and anything related to the University of Michigan…yea, I’m that guy, every company has at least one.

  • Jordan Fox | COO

    Jordan Fox


    I’m Chief Operating Officer at Laundry Service, keeping a watchful eye over our team, clients and emoji-dollars-16x16. I live and breathe digital media: I’m that guy who downloaded that app you just heard about. I love operating tech & media businesses, and have been fortunate to spend the last several years in NYC doing just that.

    After graduating from Harvard I honed my finance & ops skills at Goldman Sachs, HBO, UBS, Arkadium and others. On my Twitter you’ll find sober retweets about mobile platform paradigms; on Instagram you’ll meet my exceptionally photogenic wife and French bulldog Hank.

  • Robert Alexander | Director in Residence

    Robert Alexander

    Director in Residence

    My name is Rob and I am the Director in Residence at LS.

    I love being creative and making content that I’m extremely proud of.

    I’ve been very lucky to spend my years doing what I love working on print, TV, film, and digital for Clear Channel, Food Network, Viacom, BBC, Sean Diddy Combs, COMPLEX, Nike, and more.

    My job at LS is to fall in love with our clients, listen a ton, and provide creative solutions in photo and video that are inventive, honest, feel amazing, and look really really cool. It’s incredible that I get to spend my days developing and executing awesome ideas.

    When I’m not at LS I’m either taking pictures, working on a short film, riding my bike, or getting lost somewhere new, I’m always looking for inspiration to do more.

  • Ross Sheingold | Chief Innovation Officer

    Ross Sheingold

    Chief Innovation Officer

    What a time to be alive. I proudly represent the “Oregon Trail Generation” – a group of people that learned how to use a computer before the internet and finished college before Facebook changed the way we connect with friends and loved ones. Being passionate and curious about rapid technological advances has shaped my career.

    After graduating from Penn State with a journalism degree and dabbling in various fields of communication, I eventually recognized the dawn of a marketing revolution. Social media was completely changing the landscape for communications between businesses and humans. While working at one of the early social media agencies, I met Jason via a chance Twitter encounter and the rest is history.

    As Laundry Service’s Chief Innovation Officer, I lead the way in discovering, incubating, and accelerating innovation that addresses agency products, services, processes, and business models. I have a VR headset on my desk, a Coinbase wallet on my phone, futurology newsletters in my inbox, 63 books in my Goodreads queue, and notifications every time Elon Musk tweets. I balance my passion and curiosity with healthy skepticism and wariness.

    With 30+ years of living in NYC under my belt, I’m now based out of our L.A. office, enjoying beachside living with my wife, Heather, and our two cats.

  • Shayna Pilnick | VP, Client Services & Operations

    Shayna Pilnick

    VP, Client Services & Operations

    Ah, you picked me… thanks! I’m the VP of Client Services & Operations at LS and have been with the team ever since I realized social media management was my missed calling. At LS, I oversee our all-star account teams and ensure that we’re always meeting our clients’ business objectives.

    From social media and marketing to PR programs and event management, I’ve spent years exploring how the culmination of these techniques impacts a business. I’ve enjoyed representing some of the world’s biggest brands like MasterCard and Stand Up To Cancer, as well as major entertainment properties like Madison Square Garden and the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration. Go big or go home, right?

    On a personal note, I love nail polish, Christmas and Justin Timberlake… but not necessarily in that order. Follow me on Twitter at @ShaynaPilnick for more.

  • Nicole Weltman | VP, Client Services

    Nicole Weltman

    VP, Client Services

    “It’s handled.” -Olivia Pope and Nicole Weltman. I mean, it’s basically my catchphrase. I’m VP of Client Services, which means I get to spend all day (24/7) solving problems for brands and delivering our clients exactly what they need (even if they don’t know it yet). My goal is to help our partners navigate the ever-changing social space, giving them a unique presence and allowing them to make a lasting impact. I balance the creative, strategy, and media in order to reach the right consumers on the right channels with the right content at the right time to drive ROI. Awesome, right?

    Besides being social media-obsessed, I’m an avid college football fan (Go Gators!), with a serious love of traveling, penguins and of course red wine. The best way to get to know me? Follow me on Snapchat.

  • Amy Hellickson | VP, Client Services

    Amy Hellickson

    VP, Client Services

    It’s a shame there are only 24 hours in the day. As the VP of Client Services West Coast, you’ll often find me jetting between Portland, Seattle, SFO, and LA working with our clients and account teams. I relish the fast-paced social sphere, and I’m committed to helping our clients achieve their needs with authentic creative and smart strategy. When I’m not working you can find me practicing my words per minute and hanging out with my dog Chino.

  • Annie Michaud | VP, Content

    Annie Michaud

    VP, Content

    Bonjour je m’appelle Annie and I’m a French Canadian who moved to New York City to create social content for the world biggest CPG brands (Kraft Foods, Coca-Cola and Nestle.) A few years later here I am, VP, Content at Laundry Service. My goal is to make sure that as we grow, we drive efficient executions while always, always pushing creativity.

    In my spare time I enjoy reading about new social media trends, taking loooots of photos and eat my way through NYC. Follow me on Instagram?

  • Jeremy Leon | VP, Strategy

    Jeremy Leon

    VP, Strategy

    G’day mates! Yep, that’s right — I’m from Australia. Since moving to New York and replacing my riding kangaroo with the subway, I’ve had more time to focus on my personal and professional passion for social media.

    I went HAM managing Groupon ANZ’s social media and working with crazy clients like Red Bull, Pringles, and Bacardi — and I go even HAM-er at Laundry Service!

    Follow my #funnynotfunny sosh tweets here @jeremymleon

  • Robert Davis | Director, Public Relations

    Robert Davis

    Director, Public Relations

    Greetings, Internet traveler! I’m the Director of Public Relations for Laundry Service + Cycle. I oversee all external communications and media relations for the two companies, helping to ensure that everybody knows how awesome we are.

    For years, I’ve helped agencies and production companies position themselves as leaders within the advertising and media industries. I’m a natural born communicator and storyteller with a passion for crafting engaging narratives about amazing people and organizations.

    I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from some of the best PR professionals in the business, including my dear friend and mentor, fictional White House Press Secretary C.J. Craig. In my off-hours, I enjoy reading trashy sci-fi novels, reading highbrow sci-fi novels, watching trashy sci-fi TV shows, and overanalyzing all of them. Excelsior!

  • Jay Salim | Senior Director of HR and Operations

    Jay Salim

    Senior Director of HR and Operations

    Is Brooklyn in the house? Without a doubt.

    I am the Czar of HR and resident unicorn hunter at LS. I spend much of my time finding people that possess the passion, determination, and spirit needed to be successful here. I have nearly 10 years of experience in labor relations, and prior to that I proudly served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

    Given my love for Hip Hop (I even write about it sometimes), I spend my off time explaining to my sons why Biggie is the G.O.A.T. and Illmatic was the best thing that ever happened to music. I am also a sneakerhead, Ralph Lauren loyalist, unabashed Nets fan, and my pick and roll game in NBA2K is crazy.

    I am constantly on the hunt for new talent so if you think you have what it takes to be a part of the fam, hit me up!

  • Wendy Phillips | SVP, Legal

    Wendy Phillips

    SVP, Legal

    Hi! I’m the SVP, Legal for Laundry Service. I advise our teams on a wide range of legal issues ranging from contractual matters to compliance issues to you name it!! In my former life, I worked in big law for many years at both Davis Polk and Fulbright. I have an AB from Princeton and a JD from Yale.

    Outside of work I enjoy live music (including my own at times), travel and the never-ending search for the best brunch spot in Brooklyn. When in doubt, my motto is WWBD (what would Beyoncé do)….following it has never steered me wrong.

  • Jerome White | Director of Communications

    Jerome White

    Director of Communications

    Hey there! I am the Director of Communications for Laundry Service. I work on internal and external comms, supporting the phenomenal work of my colleagues. I have worked in the NYC Mayor’s Office and for other NYC agencies and nonprofits, primarily in government affairs and communications. I graduated from Columbia University and Howard Law School.

    I love social media, real estate, technology, football, basketball, and golf. If you happen to see me on the course or at the driving range, know that despite my cool demeanor I am quietly and desperately in need of guidance.

  • Stephanie Goldman | Director of Social Media Management

    Stephanie Goldman

    Director of Social Media Management

    Hiya! I am the Head of the Social Media Management Department at Laundry Service. By overseeing and mentoring my amazing team, I ensure that we are armed with the most up-to-date news on social best practices and platform thought leadership, so we can produce the greatest possible work.

    With over 10 years of social media/digital/PR agency experience, I’ve gotten to work on a wide variety of brands, including USA Network TV shows, Absolut, Jameson, and I’ve even tweeted as Barbie herself. I also got to travel the U.S. for a year – right out of college – as a media spokesperson for the “Got Milk?” campaign…which I’m afraid means I’ve just dated myself.

    When I’m not checking social media or reading Digiday, I’m probably watching a movie, catching up on Netflix, or (hopefully) traveling the world with my husband. And then I’m back on social to talk about all of it! I’m also the proud owner to the cutest little Frenchie, Fiona, who’s always acting adorably and sticking out her oversized tongue. Give her a follow on the Gram: @FrenchieGoneWild.

  • Tarirai Chivore | Analytics Director

    Tarirai Chivore

    Analytics Director

    At Laundry Service, we eat data 24/7. As Laundry Service’s Analytics Director, I lead the way in confronting the challenges facing the social data landscape, working to standardize reporting and to maintain a reliable data infrastructure across the agency. In doing so, I ensure that our analysts are constantly generating insights to inform strategy, and identifying data sources to steer a data-driven process. In addition to managing the reporting process, I manage client/agency-wide platform evaluations, market research, and the LS Academy, Laundry Service’s knowledge sharing center.

    Despite the uncertainties that come with the constantly shifting social media landscape, I thrive when venturing into uncharted territory. After graduating from Columbia, I made my start managing day-to-day social media operations at The Economist, covering events such as the Arab Spring and the 2012 US Presidential election. Since then, I’ve developed/managed analytics and strategy for iconic brands such as T-Mobile, Samsung, J.P. Morgan Chase, and HBO.

    A few interesting things about me: I’m a runner and I’m training for the NYC Triathlon. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. I’m a leftie, and I love post-apocalyptic sci-fi movies.

  • Suzanna Klaucke | Creative Director

    Suzanna Klaucke

    Creative Director

    Hey there! I’m the Creative Director of Video, which is exactly what it sounds like: I’m here to develop the creative direction for all of our videos. More specifically, my goal is to make sure we’re constantly creating the best possible content for our clients that embodies the brand and brings value to their viewers. A natural born risk taker (just take a peek at my passport), I’m here to push the storytelling envelope.

    I grew up between Connecticut and Central Asia, went to school in Michigan and NYC, and then spent a decade traveling the world to direct and produce videos for Save the Children. From Syrian and Somali refugee camps to studio shoots in NYC and LA, I’ve been able to capture some of the most intense and wonderful stories out there and bring them to screen.

    Obviously travel is in my blood, and airports feel like a second home. I’m a sucker for a beautiful map, love exploring the outdoors and am always down for great dinner conversations about life, love, and other mysteries. Also, I really want a dog, but at this point I think I need to focus on keeping my plants alive.

  • Roxy Dinh | Marketing Director, Head of EMEA

    Roxy Dinh

    Marketing Director, Head of EMEA

    As you’re reading this, I’m probably either on my phone or on a plane right now. I’m addicted to city hopping, storytelling and all things social media. Lucky me, I found a place that allows me to do them all. After two years of handling branded content and media strategy at our NYC headquarter, I’m now leading EMEA division for Laundry Service + Cycle in London, helping great brands find the best content creation and distribution solutions on social.

    I drink two coffees and a tea a day, so hit me up if you ever wanna grab a cup of beverage and talk all things social.